April 1, 2014

Gratitude for the HAPPY People!

Submitted by Glenda Hanks, FUMCR

I have been trying my best to keep up with the thank yous in our year of gratitude.  It’s not only been a challenge to think of who to thank, but also a lot of fun.  I find myself constantly on the lookout for who I can thank!  Most of the time it comes easy because there are so many wonderful people out there~ just being themselves, but making our world a brighter place.   

For instance, we have a new mail carrier.  I seldom see him because I’m at work, but the other day he had already been by the house, and I had a card that I hadn’t gotten in the mailbox yet.  I darted across the street to give him my mail and said, “Oh, I almost missed ya!”  He looked up with a  smile and said, “Well, we can’t let that happen.  I’ll make time for you!”  It was a pleasant conversation, short, but it touched me.  Most of our mail carriers will wave, but never actually engage in conversation.  

The next day, I left a note in the mailbox for him, thanking him for taking the time to be cheerful and make a difference.  The following day, I had a note in my mailbox from him saying “Thank you for the kind note, God is good!”    

Look for the cheerful people!  They are out there, and probably wouldn’t mind being thanked or appreciated. 

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